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The TOP 5 Dirt-Cheap
Tools I Use To Create
Endless Leads & Traffic

Including My #1 Secret For
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The Top 5 Dirt-Cheap Tools I Use to Create Endless Leads and Traffic

Including My #1 Secret For Building a Huge Downline

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Dirt-Cheap Marketing Tool #1:

Lead Capture Page Creator

With Lead Capture Page Creator, you can create stunning lead capture pages in seconds... fully customizable for any business.

Choose from pre-designed choices, or design your own from scratch. You can also copy and 'tweak' any page, which means you don't need any technical skills whatsoever. Point, click, and you’re done.

By using Lead Capture Page Creator, you'll easily set yourself above the competition. It's a great feeling knowing you're always just a couple of clicks away from creating something amazing… no design skills required!

Dirt-Cheap Marketing Tool #2:

Lead Responder

Lead Responder comes with the ability to send an incredible 30,000 emails per month, with amazing deliverability.

PLUS... With Lead Responder, creating and sending emails to your list is “point and click easy”. Simply choose a campaign to send from our professionally-written library of high-converting messages (or write your own), then select the group to send it to… and that’s it!

With Lead Responder, you'll feel at ease knowing that all of your leads and prospects are getting crucial follow-up emails from you, automatically. You'll see your productivity… and your income… skyrocket.

Dirt-Cheap Marketing Tool #3:

Floating Capture Form Creator

With Impress your prospects by creating a floating capture form that appears on their personal company website – with NO Programming!

The most common reaction: "How the heck did you do that?"

With the Floating Capture Form Creator, you can now capture leads from virtually ANY website on the Internet… replicated websites, corporate websites, blogs, forums, search engines, news sites, and many, many more. This jealously-guarded “secret marketing tool” lets you capture leads and build your mailing list from virtually any site on the Internet.

Now, EVERY website can be your own personal mailing list builder.

Dirt-Cheap Marketing Tool #4:

Video Postcard Creator

Video Postcard Creator is a fun & effective way to communicate with your list… using the power of video.

Did you know? Experts say video get three times the results over typical e-mail.

That’s why Video Postcards will keep your prospects engaged with you & your business! They can also be used in your advertising... to introduce yourself or a new product… announce special offers... The ideas are endless!

With the Video Postcard Creator, you can select from a done-for-you video library… or create and upload your own video for a personal touch. With a few clicks, you’re sending your prospects and clients your own customized video postcard.

Dirt-Cheap Marketing Tool #5:

Live Streaming Page Generator

With this easy-to-use Live Streaming Page Generator, you can create a 'professional look' for all your hangouts...

Why waste hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year on expensive and confusing online webinar services… when you can easily host an unlimited number of online meetings.

Best of all, with Live Streaming Page Generator, you can create eye- catching, customized pages to host your live events. Add your name, company logo, backgrounds… even add a free “chat feature” where you can interact with your audience live during your event.

Easily create custom pages for ANY company or niche and give your sales & conversions a huge boost.

It's easy to look and feel like a pro when you have the right tools.

My #1 Secret to Building a HUGE Downline…

NEW: Sales Funnel Duplicator

This is one of my absolute favorite marketing tools of all time. With no limit but your imagination, you can create incredible looking sales funnels for ANY business, then SHARE that funnel with any person (or company) you choose. A unique “share code” is generated for every funnel you create!

Here's one I created for a popular travel company...

Your 'shared' funnels can grow in numbers very quickly as entire downlines can be grabbing and sharing these created codes. You'll feel empowered as you watch your downline grow exponentially with duplication and sales pouring in daily to your business. The possibilities are endless!

Now before I tell you how to turn this report into your 24/7 cash machine, understand this...

If you were find to invest in all 6 of these tools separately, you'd be paying a minimum of $324 per month... and that's only if you could find them. (Good luck finding a sales funnel duplicator.) Purchasing each of these tools separately would also be extremely time consuming and complicated. Fortunately, you can now get ALL of these tools in 1 powerful system.


Backed by nearly 2 decades of custom programming, the Power Lead System is without question the most powerful 'marketing platform' in the marketplace.

How do I know this? For starters, all six of these amazing tools you just heard about, are INCLUDED in the Power Lead System... plus FREE Hosting!

But even better is the price... Your total combined cost for all of these amazing tools is only $30/month.

That's Less Than a Dollar Per Day! Plus You Can Try It ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Top 7 Benefits of Using the Power Lead System to Create Endless Leads and Traffic

See Why Power Lead System Has Become the Number One Jealously-Guarded ‘Secret Marketing Tool’ Used by Leading-Edge Marketers and Entrepreneurs Worldwide…

You'll look & feel like a professional online marketer, even if you're not (yet). Now you can make a powerful impression from Day #1!


Everything about building your online business suddenly becomes so much easier & a whole lot more fun. You can easily create eye-popping webpages… with just a few clicks. No Tech Skills Needed. Ever.


Making sales, following up, and creating massive duplication, all happen at an accelerated rate and with a lot less effort. You’ll have an unfair advantage over the competition.


You're able to build a higher-quality & stronger team at a faster pace. Distributors who use these tools call them “Leader-Makers” for a reason. 6-figure & 7-figure earners use this system every day!


The interactive Facebook group allows you to meet other members and ask questions, letting you know you're not alone. Log into the private community anytime, 24-hours a day and join the Mastermind.


The weekly 'Internet Marketing Training' and 'Hangouts' will dramatically cut your learning curve… and reveal the insider secrets, strategies, and marketing methods used by six-figure and seven-figure earners.


Your confidence will grow much faster as you start to see better results and more income. The biggest benefit is the results you’ll see after putting these tools into action for yourself!


FINALLY... You’ll Have Complete Access to EVERYTHING You Need to Create Endless Red-Hot Leads and Traffic for ANY Business...

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How Does It Work?

When you take your Risk-Free Trial to the Power Lead System, you will be given a link at the end of your checkout process. This link is your personal sales funnel, including lead capture page, autoresponder, and of course, this very report.

Yes, it’s fully-customized and ready-to-go the moment you join!

When Your Prospect Submits Their Email Address In Exchange For Your Report, 3 Things Happen...

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When They Rebrand It, YOU Get Paid. And you make even MORE MONEY as they share it and refer others. Reports like this can easily go viral... and having the technology in place to instantly rebrand it is like pouring gasoline on a fire.

The Power Lead System has incredible software that keeps track of every one of your referrals. It also tracks their referrals. The cutting-edge software continues to track making the 50% matching bonus one of the most powerful aspects of the referral plan.

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